Kamprite off-the-ground Tents

26 02 2009


Imagine a really comfy camp stretcher (with an inbuilt foam roll) and an Army-grade tent all in one! Pitch it on stones, on mud, on the beach, on a slope (simply prop rocks or a log under one end).  Once you’ve pitched it, don’t like the spot… simply drag it to another spot! Instant spare bed at home – even pitch it indoors!  Have one in the boot of the car, so you always have a bed ready if you decide to stay over anywhere. Great as portacot too! Awesome for hunting and fishing!

Only a minute to pitch. Slip it out of its heavyduty carry bag (doubles as a storage bag under your pitched tent), fold open one side, then the other. Clip the legs and up she goes. At night, pull over and clip on the stiched-and-glued fly (locks and clips over like a fitted sheet) and you are set for any weather.

All tents are supplied with a 210d heavyduty, stitched-and-glued rainfly for all weather protection, and are fitted with ‘built-to-last’ components! No wonder these tents are used by the US Army, US Marines and SIS! With zip-up mosquito mesh on all four openings (yes, window/doors on all sides!) and a built in 10mm foam insulation bed roll, you can sleep easy.  img_0768

The tents come in three sizes and are priced from $299 – $599 (includes rainfly and carry bag):

  • The Original  (bed size 213cm X 71cm) – $299 (clerance!!!   $149!!!)
  • The Oversize (bed size 228cm X 81cm – with domed ceiling) – $399 (clearance!!! $199!!!)
  • The Double – sleeps two (bed size 213cm X 132cm – with domed ceiling) – $599 (clearance $299!!)


Folds into a Reclining Chair!

Folds into a Reclining Chair!


Fishing by a stream?… no probs, pitch on rocks! Not catching anything? Easily carry it fully pitched on your back, down to your next spot… or put it under the shade of a tree during the day. Drop the canopy, lock the side arm and you have a reclining chair to relax in!


Instant bush bivouac!

carry-bag2Hunting? Have one of these in the ute… bivouac in 2 minutes! And no more tree roots jamming into your back!


 The tents are so quick to fold down too and come with a sturdy carry bag that doubles as a gearbag under the pitched tent! 


If you want to know more about our great tents, email us at adventureseeker@xtra.co.nz or freephone on 0800-733254. We are happy to answer any questions and will send the tents, free of charge, anywhere ion New Zealand! 🙂




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